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Album:Look What I Did!: The Joe Walsh AnthologyGenres:Rock/Pop
Year:1995 Length:172 sec


Uh Huh
I like big tits, uh huh, uh huh
You see 'em on the street
Left and right
I like big tits, that's right
I try to look away but I can't resist
Every time I try to call it quits
Here come some tits, uh huh, that's a big 10-4 big tits
What it is, uh huh
I like big tits

Well they come in twos
Hard to choose
Your favorite tit
Uh huh

I like tits for dinner
Or a noontime snack
I like tits for lunch
A big tit attack
I like tits for breakfast
Eggs Benedict tits
What it is, tits, what it is
They're where it's at

They give me shivers when they bounce around
Puckered up or dragging on the ground
I like those tits
Uh huh
Tits... says it all for me

I'm a tit man
Me too, that's right
They give me fits
I like big tits


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