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Song:Brother Rapp (Part I And Part II)
Album:Sex MachineGenres:Funk
Year:1970 Length:248 sec


Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

baby, Here I Come
baby, Here I Come
baby, Baby, Baby, Baby
baby, Baby, Baby, Yeah

baby, Here I Come
baby, Here I Come, Hey
baby, Here I Come

i Want You, Good God, To Sit Down
put Your Hand Across Your Lap
get Yourself Together, I'm Ready
i'm Ready, Hey, Sit Down, Baby

and Put Your Hand
your Hand Across Your Lap
let Me Sit Down
and Listen To My Rap

i Wanna Write, Good God
the Soul Book, So Good
baby, I Wanna Cook
baby, Yeah

now, Baby, Lookie Here
i Wanna Tell You Bout
the Book I Wanna Cook
good God

get Down In The Pot
i Said My Body Getting Hot
yeah, I Don't Have
a Whole Lot Left, Good God

but I Can Do My Thing
get Back, My Bad Self
now, Baby, Sit Down, Sit Down
listen Here, Lay Your
hands Across Your Lap

get Ready, Listen To Me
the Brother Got The Rap
i Want The Band, The Band
to Take Me To The Bridge
take Me To The Bridge

take Me Now
got To, Got To, Got To
hey, Hey, Hey

baby, Good God
hey, Lord, Lord, Lord

put Your Hands Across Your Lap
i Wanna Rap
i Got To What I Do
for Me And You

let Me, Let Me, Let Me
get Next To, Baby
get Next To You

let Me Get, Let Me Get
let Me Get, Let Me
let Me, Let Me Get
next To You, Baby

now, Maceo, Brother
brother, Now Brother Maceo
grab Your Horn

march Over Here, Brother
brother, Brother Maceo
grab Your Horn
and March Over Here

i Wanna, I Wanna, I Wanna
wanna Watch You Blow
good God, So I Can Go

before I Go, Come On, Maceo
lookie Here Now
lay Your Horn
across Your Lap, Brother

yeah, Brother
me And You, Just The Two
me And You, Me And You

you Know, You Know
you Know, You Know

play, Little Brother
good God
put Your Horn In Your Lap
good God, Maceo

now Brother, Lay Your Horn
lay Your Horn Right There
in Your Lap, Lookie Here

lay Your Horn In Your Lap
let The Brother Back Up
and Get The Thing Together

i Wanna Rap
i Said, Baby, Up In Here
whoa, Baby, Whoa
here I Come, Here I Come
good God

i'm Standing In The Back
my Soul Is Heavy, Good God
my Body Getting Hot
baby, Baby, Baby
my Body Getting Hot

dong Dong Dong

lookie Here
it's Your Thing, Your Thing
thing, Thing, Thing
thing, Thing, Thing
take Your Thing, Take Your Thing
it's Your Thing, It's Your Thing


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