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Album:My Life The Greatest Hits [disc 1]Genres:Other
Year:1998 Length:133 sec


I'm So Young And You're So Old
this, My Darling, I've Been Told
i Don't Care Just What They Say
'cause Forever I Will Pray
you And I Will Be As Free
as The Birds Up In The Trees
oh, Please Stay By Me, Diana

thrills I Get When You Hold Me Close
oh, My Darling, You're The Most
i Love You But Do You Love Me
oh, Diana, Can't You See
i Love You With All My Heart
and I Hope We Will Never Part
oh, Please Stay With Me, Diana

oh, My Darlin', Oh, My Lover
tell Me That There Is No Other
i Love You With My Heart
oh-Oh, Oh-Oh, Oh-Oh
only You Can Take My Heart
only You Can Tear It Apart
when You Hold Me In Your Loving Arms
i Can Feel You Giving All Your Charms
hold Me, Darling, Ho-Ho Hold Me Tight
squeeze Me Baby With-A All Your Might
oh, Please Stay By Me, Diana
oh, Please, Diana
oh, Please, Diana
oh, Please, Diana


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