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Song:One Morning
Album:Silent LetterGenres:Rock
Year:1979 Length:135 sec

Lyricist: America


One morning when the mist came down I woke up early and I looked around My baby slept, the sky was blue I started walkin' thinkin' only of you Up the hill and down the road Past the people that I barely know Round the bend to the run-off wash I found a feather that a quail had lost Where are you goin' now my friend Where are you goin' now Are you going to see them on the mountain now Goin' to see them trees Goin' to watch the circles take a bow Goin' to help agree To be Today Some people like to play out loud I like them always, they're a laughing crowd To catch the wind then come slidin' down You reach the bottom fallin' upside down Touch a hand and see the world turnin' circles Brushin' every curl back again To those sunset walks That special summer and those all night talks


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