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The Allman Brothers Band - Soulshine. Lyrics - Zortam Music
Album:An Evening With the Allman Brothers Band 2nd SetGenres:Rock
Year:1995 Length:400 sec


Transcribed By Sean Carpenter

when You Can't Find The Light,
that Got You Through The Cloudy Days,
when The Stars Ain't Shinin' Bright,
you Feel Like You've Lost You're Way,
when Those Candle Lights Of Home,
burn So Very Far Away,
well You Got To Let Your Soul Shine,
just Like My Daddy Used To Say.

he Used To Say Soulshine,
it's Better Than Sunshine,
it's Better Than Moonshine,
damn Sure Better Than Rain.
hey Now People Don't Mind,
we All Get This Way Sometime,
got To Let Your Soul Shine, Shine Till The Break Of Day.

i Grew Up Thinkin' That I Had It Made,
gonna Make It On My Own.
life Can Take The Strongest Man,
make Him Feel So Alone.
now And Then I Feel A Cold Wind,
blowin' Through My Achin' Bones,
i Think Back To What My Daddy Said,
he Said


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