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2 Unlimited - Nothing Like The Rain (Rainy Edit) Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Nothing Like The Rain (Rainy Edit)
Album:Nothing Like The Rain (Maxi-CD)Genres:Dance
Year:1995 Length:224 sec


It's Here-Can You Feel It
a Chance To Change Your World If You Want It
you Can Give Up A Lot,but Don't Give In
be Ready For The Break When It Comes Your Way
today,i Say,be Prepared
a Break In The Clouds-You Will Be Heard
raise Your Voice,stake Your Claim
after The Storm,after The Rain
let Me Ask A Question
where Do We Go From Here
playing Games To Past The Time-But That's Ok
'cos Time In On Our Side
there's Nothing Like A Rain
falling Down Again
to Come And Wash Away The Paain
falling Down Again
to Clear The Air So We See Again
and We Won't Give Up
no We Won't Give In
when There's So Much We Can Do
and We Won't Give Up
no We Won't Give In
when There Is So Much Left To Do


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