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Overkill - Under One  (LP Version) Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Under One (LP Version)
Year:1994 Length:255 sec


Send Me All Your Tired Weak, Your Hungry Sick Disgusted.
my Back Is Broke, Flame Is Out, Eyes And Head Are Rusted.
my Arms Are Open Wide.

under One Nation,
under One God.
under One Nation,

under One Fog.

send Us All Your Criminal Insane Inflamed Indignant.
your Terminal Infected Hopeful, Juvenille Delinquents.
my Arms Still Open Wide.

under One, Under One God.

flies Are Fucking On My Face, I Watch The Magots Breed...
providing Everything They Want,
everything They Need.
my Hands Are Tied, My Hands Are Tied,
tied Hands Set Them Free...
my Eyes Pealed To Your Pain,
call Me Liberty.

i Am But A Part Of You,
your Daughters And Your Sons.
embrace My Heart My Patience Now,
before It All Is Gone.
untie My Hands, Untie My Hands,
for Blatent Disregard...
i See No Color Differences And Remain Always Under One... God.

under One God.
under One.


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