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Song:Somewhere In The Same Hotel [new Track]
Album:The Katie Melua CollectionGenres:Folk
Year:2008 Length:215 sec


Somewhere in the same hotel,
Was it in the bar?
I saw you once, but I dont know who you are.
I dont usually obsess, but I confess,
I wish I knew you well.
All I know is, here I am and there you are, somewhere in the same hotel.

Somewhere in the same hotel,
Yesterday we passed again,
And I thought you looked my way.
I dont want for this to be a fantasy,
But as far as I can tell,
Youre alone just like me, here at night, somewhere in the same hotel.

Maybe youre in the next room?
Or just across the hall?
Maybe somebodys waiting,
At home for you to call?

Im yearning in the morning light,
Of the dawning day,
Cos we missed our chance,
And I have to go away.
I dont even know youre name?
But all the same,
I hope youre sleeping well,
If youre still there all alone,
Cos Im no longer,
Somewhere in the same hotel.


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