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045 - In Dreams Roy Orbison M6L Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:In Dreams Roy Orbison M6L
Album:Pretty Woman Original Motion Picture SoundtrackGenres:Soundtrack
Year:1980 Length:168 sec

Lyricist: 045


A Candy-Colored Clown They Call The Sandman
tiptoes To My Room Every Night
just To Sprinkle Stardust And To Whisper
'go To Sleep. Everything Is All Right.'

i Close My Eyes, Then I Drift Away
into The Magic Night. I Softly Say
a Silent Prayerlike Dreamers Do.
then I Fall Asleep To Dream My Dreams Of You.

in Dreams I Walk With You. In Dreams I Talk To You.
in Dreams You're Mine. All Of The Time We're Together
in Dreams, In Dreams.

but Just Before The Dawn, I Awake And Find You Gone.
i Can't Help It, I Can't Help It, If I Cry.
i Remember That You Said Goodbye.

it's Too Bad That All These Things, Can Only Happen In My Dreams
only In Dreams In Beautiful Dreams.


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