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Song:Say It Loud - I'm Black And I'm Proud, Part 1
Album: Genres:Soul
Year:1968 Length:167 sec


Sweet Emotion
sweet Emotion

you Talk About Things That Nobody Cares
you're Wearing Out Things That Nobody Wears
you're Calling My Name But I Gotta Make Clear
i Can't Say Baby Where I'll Be In A Year

yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah

whensome Sweat Hog Mama With A Face Like A Gent
said My Get Up And Go Musta Got Up And Went
well I Got Good News, She's A Real Good Liar
'cause The Backstage Boogie Set Your Pants On Fire

yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah

sweet Emotion
sweet Emotion

when I Pulled Into Town In A Police Car
your Daddy Said I Took It Just A Little Too Far
you're Telling Me Things But Your Girlfriend Lied
you Can't Catch Me 'cause The Rabbit Done Died
yes It Did

you Stand In The Front Just A Shakin' Your Ass
i'll Take You Backstage, You Can Drink From My Glass
your Telling Me Things I Can Sure Understand
'cause A Month On The Road An' I'll Be Eating From Your Hand


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