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Song:Pointer Sisters-It's Raining M
Album: Genres: 
Year: Length:211 sec


Time Goes By And Every Single Tear
it Must Have Well Run Dry
and The Lonely Nights
become A Strange Accepted Way
and The Years Go Past
just Like The Old Song Says
the Pain With Time Has Healed It Couldn't Last
but Oh A Friend Like A Fool
mentions Your Name
sunny Days, Drunken Nights
you Smile And Say, It's Alright
but Oh The Cold Cold Rain
at The Mention Of Your Name
forgive Me Please
if I Shrug My Shoulders
when I Put My Friedn At Ease
as I Get Older
it's Not That I Don't Feel Colder Then Before
oh I've Become So Good At Hiding
what I Feel Without Confiding
it's Still The Same, Darling Still The Same
at The Mention Of Your Name


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