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Song:031 Ted Nugent - Stranglehold
Album:Grand Theft Auto Vice City, Vol. 3 Emotion 98.3Genres:Other
Year:2002 Length:502 sec


I Had Nothing To Do
on This Hot Afternoon
but To Settle Down
and Write You A Line.
i've Been Meaning To Phone You,
but From Minnesota,
hell It's Been A Very Long Time,
you Wear It Well,
a Little Old Fashioned
but That's All Right.

well I Suppose You're Thinking I Bet He's Sinking
or He Wouldn't Get In Touch With Me.
oh I Ain't Begging Or Losing My Head.
i Sure Do Want You To Know That You Wear It Well,
there Ain't A Lady In The Land So Fine.

remember Those Basement Parties, Your Brother's Karate,
the All Day Rock And Roll Shows.
them Homesick Blues And Radical View
haven't Left A Mark On You, You Wear It Well,
a Little Out Of Time, But I Don't Mind.

but I Ain't Forgetting That You Were Once Mine,
but I Blew It Without Even Tryin'.
now I'm Eatin' My Heart Out,
tryin' To Get A Letter Through.
(Tryin' To Get Back To You.)

since You've Been Gone It's Hard To Carry On.
i'm Gonna Write About The Birthday Gown That I Bought In Town,
when You Sat Down And Cried On The Stairs.
you Knew It Did Not Cost The Earth, But For What It's Worth.
you Make Me Fell A Millionaire And You Wear It Well.
madame Onassis Got Nothing On You.

and When My Coffee's Cold And I'm Getting Told
that I Gotta Get Back To Work,
so When The Sun Goes Low And You're Home All Alone,
think Of Me And Try Not To Laugh And I'll Wear It Well.
i Don't Object If You Call Collect,
'cos I Ain't Forgetting That You Were Once Mine


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