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Song:(She Was A) Hotel Detective
Album:Best Of The Early YearsGenres:Alternative & Punk
Year: Length:125 sec


I Know You Deceived Me, Couldn't Sleep Last Night
now My Tear Stains On The Wall Reflect An Ugly Sight
i Can See Your Secrets
no Need To Confess
everyone Looks Naked When You Know The World's Address

the World's Address
it's A Place That's Warm
a Sad Pun That Reflects A Sadder Mess
i'll Repeat It For Those Who May Not Have Already Guessed
the World's Address

life's Parade Of Fashion Just Leaves Me Depressed
under Very Garment I Can See The World's Address
call The Men Of Science And Let Them Hear This Song
tell Them Albert Einstein And Copernicus Were Wrong



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