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The Oak Ridge Boys - When Love Calls You Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:When Love Calls You
Album:Fancy FreeGenres:Traditional
Year:1981 Length:246 sec


When you cross my mind
I hear the echo and I feel the night
I held your hand and said I'm so in love with you
But you didn't love me too
You said love makes you sad
Well there's something you should know
In the end it's really all you have to show
So don't turn away

When love calls you
Show your hearts true
Open up and let her in
Then the lesson will begin
She'll unfold you
She'll control you
But the times you'll have to show
Are the best you'll ever know
I hope love calls you

When you cross my heart
There's still a tenderness I feel
It's a feeling that I try to share with you
But you didn't want to
Now some would say I lost
But knowing love was worth the cost
And if she would call my name again today
I'd have to say


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