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Song:Sugarloaf - Green-Eyed Lady
Album:Big Hits Of The 70'sGenres:Other
Year:2001 Length:220 sec


Note The Following Lyrics Are Taken From Recordings By Ear And Are Probably Imperfect; I'd Appreciate Getting Corrections! -- Matt,

__ Green Eyed Lady __ (Sugarloaf)

== Intro ==

== Bass Solo ==

green-Eyed Lady, Lovely Lady
strolling Slowly Towards The Sun
green-Eyed Lady, Ocean Lady
soothing Every Raging Wave That Comes

== 1 ==
green-Eyed Lady, Passion's Lady
dressed In Love, She Lives For Life To Be
green-Eyed Lady Feels Life I Never See
setting Suns And Lonely Lovers Free

== Organ Solo ==

== Guitar Solo ==

== Intro Riff ==

green-Eyed Lady, Wind-Swept Lady
rules The Night, The Waves, The Sand
green-Eyed Lady, Ocean Lady
child Of Nature, Friend Of Man

== 1 ==

== Organ Solo == (Fade


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