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Song:'Cause I Love You [Du Matin Jusqu'au Soir]
Album:Hymn to Love: All Her Greatest Songs in EnglishGenres:Chanteuse
Year:1996 Length:174 sec


Edith Piaf -
'Cause I Love You (Du Matin Jusqu' Au Soir)' Lyrics

All day long
Life's a song
Just can't do any wrong
'cause I love you
Just a glance
When we dance
And I fall in a trance
'cause I love you
It's like floating on air
With no worry or care
I'm in Heaven enchanted, I swear!
You make fear
When I feel you are near
'cause I love you
What a wonderful thrill
'cause I know that I will
Always love you
It may not be new
But believe me it's true
When I say 'I love you'
All day long
Live's a song
All because I love you.
{Reprendre en entier une seconde fois avec le chur}


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