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(Unknown) - Recorded at 16:05 Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Recorded at 16:05
Album:The Very Best of LoboGenres:Rock
Year:2000 Length:230 sec


Where Were You When I Was Falling In Love
written By Sam Lorber Jeff Silbar Steve Jobe

when Your Eyes Met Mine,
i Knew That I Had Better Play It Cool --
i'm Doing My Best Trying To Resist
cause I Ain't No Fool.

where In The World Did You Come From Baby
you Waited Just A Little Too Long
to Look My Way.
now It's A Little To Late.

where Were You
when I Was Falling In Love
i Was Looking For You, Baby.
where Were You
when I Was Falling In Love
looking For You, Baby.
if I'd Ever Looked In Those Eyes Before,
we'd Be Together Tonight I'm Sure.
where Were You
when I Was Falling In Love
where Were You
lost And Looking For Love

if I'd Have Met You Sooner,
i'd Be Talking To You And Playing The Game.
but The Best Thing For Me To Do
is Get Up And Leave Without Knowing Your Name.
it Might Have Been Something Special, Baby,
something Only People In Love Could Understand --
like This Ring On My Hand.



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