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Black Sabbath - Dirty Women Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Dirty Women
Album:Greatest Hits 1970-1978Genres: 
Year: Length:434 sec

Lyricist: Black Sabbath


This is the best track on this album,no doubt about it... Amazing music,so
intence,so gripping,so original in some places,simply fucking A+!!!
The lyrics are great too,kinda make you stop and think (hehehe...),
I see the lyrics as the continuation of the previous track...

The neon lights are shining on me again
I walk the lonely streets in search of a friend
I need a lady to help me to get through the night
If I could find one then everything would be alright

The sleepy city is dreaming the nigh time away
Out on the street I watch tomorrow becoming today
I see a man,he's got take away women for sale
Yes for sale
Guess that's the answer
'Cos take away women don't fail...

Oh dirty women,they don't mess around
Oh dirty women,they don't mess around
You've got me coming
You've got me going around
Oh dirty women,
They don't mess around

Walking the streets I wonder will it ever happen
Gotta be good then everyting will be o.k.
if I could score tonight then I will end up happy

A woman for sale is gonna help me save my day...

All in all,this isn't the greatest Sabbath album,it's from it's decline
period,and if you're not Sabbath maniac like some of the people on this list
don't buy it,you'll be dissapointed. However,there are some unique and
original sound combinations on this one,and it may be indeed a technical
ecstasy. No true Sabbath fan can live without this album...
Gosh,I never thought that typing lyrics is so tiresome...
Well,what else have I got on my mind tonight?

WYZ: welcome back,wish I could take a holliday myself,fucking no way...!
*sigh* well,I hope you enjoyed yourself...

Shawn: how old are you? I mean-flaming is ok,ocassionally I like to flame
myself when I'm feeling mean (ask WYZ...),but come on man,you are
obsessed to flame (like that stupid song by tendencies-obsessed to skate),
get a life man...

Sheri: Do you always talk in monosylables (just curious,nothing personal).
Also,beg your pardon for my ignorance (due to geographical reasons...),
but who are evasive action? Are you their singer or what?

Well,that's all folx...

Shimon-the one and only true Sabbath maniac!


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