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Song:Polka On A Banjo
Album:Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsGenres:Bluegrass
Year:1997 Length:161 sec


Polka on a Banjo
Flatt and Scruggs

There's a sweet young Miss, I love to kiss, but listen close and hear me.
She's not my only love, I have another love, and she'll just have to share me.
But she?s five foot tall, high heel and all, she already knows.
She had some competition, in a composition, known as polka on an old banjo.

Polka on a banjo, make that five string hot.
Polka on a banjo, give it all you've got.
Polka on a banjo, watch them fingers go.
Of all the songs I guess, the one that I love best,

Is the polka on an old banjo.

(Banjo Solo)

And when they start the band, she takes me by the hand, and I begin to swing her.
She knows I never miss, a chance to steal a kiss, or dance the polka with her.
I don't speak a word ,once I have heard, the one thing I love so.
She's caught in the middle, she played the second fiddle, to a polka on an old banjo.

Chorus - End


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