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Song:Mother Popcorn (You Got to Have a Mother for Me)
Album:The Ultimate CollectionGenres: 
Year:1969 Length:378 sec


Popcorn- yeah-yeah-yeah popcorn!
Some like em fat and some like em tall
Some like em short
Skinny legs and all
I like em tall
I like em proud
And when they walk
You know they draw a crowd! gotta have a mutha for me
Yeah-yeah-yeah ah come on!
A look-a-here!
There was a time when I was all alone
I had a secret thought I was gone
Somebody done me!
Said now I see
What you are doin, brother
To stay ahead of me
And when I get burndt ha! I use some salve
And when I want some lovin
A mother she got to have
See - you got to have a mother for me
Yeah! Popcorn! Oh! uh!
Yeah! EEEE Yeah!
Do the popcorn hu!
Popcorn! uh!
Look-a-here! ha! good Lord!
Hu! hu!
Do the popcorn and do the horse
Show everybody where you at!
You got-ta be boss
The way you do your little thing
Step in a small ring
And jump back baby!
James Brown gonna do his thing!
Popcorn! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!
Sometime sometime I'm feelin low
Sometime I'm feelin low
I call another brother
Talkin about Maceo!
Maceo! blow your horn!
Dont talk no trash hu!
Play me some popcorn!
Maceo! Come On! uh!
Popcorn hu! ah!


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