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Song:Thats What I Like About You
Album:Snow Jammin'Genres:Rock
Year: Length:176 sec


When You Close Your Eyes And Go To Sleep
and It's Down To The Sound Of A Heartbeat
i Can Hear The Things That You're Dreaming About
when You Open Up Your Heart
and The Truth Comes Out

you Tell Me That You Want Me
you Tell Me That You Need Me
you Tell Me That You Love Me
and Iknow That I'm Right
cuz I Hear It In The Night

i Hear The Secrets That You Keep
when You're Talking In Your Sleep

when I Hold You In My Arms At Night
don't You Know You're Sleeping In The Spotlight
and All Your Dreams That You Keep Inside
you're Telling Me The Secrets
that You Just Can't Hide

when You Close Your Eyes And You Fall Asleep
everything About You Is A Mystery


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