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Song:It's Not Love
Album:The Very Best of DokkenGenres:Rock
Year:1999 Length:301 sec


<1st Verse>
I told you I had to leave, I had my reasons,
I said that it hurt to stay, the way that I'm feelin'

(It's not love) That left you standin'
(It's not love) That left you cold,
(It's not love) Misunderstandin,
Only a mistake, theres nothin' left to take,

Why baby why
Did you make me let you go and leave you so lonely,
Why baby why
Did you have to hold on, you know it's not love anymore......

<2nd Verse>
I gave you your last chance, but you didn't believe me,
You can't keep me, satisfied, they way that you treat me......

(It's not love)
Tellin' you to be this way,
(It's not love)
Saying you could never change,
(It's not love)
When I told you is he putting you down, down, down down.....

(spoken two voices)
'So what do ya wan't?'
'I wan't you.'
'You can't have me, well, maybe just tonight,
'Dear not just tonight I want you forever'
'No, no I can't no'
'I gotta have you'

No way, I told ya!!!!!

(It's not love)
Why baby why
(It's not love)
Why baby why........


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