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Song:I Know What Lies Ahead
Album:From The HeartGenres:Folk
Year:2001 Length:198 sec


This road I'm on is strait and narrow
But it leads to a better home
It was laid by Christ one day at Calvary
While He suffered all alone
This road may lead over many high mountains
And valleys dark and low
But I'll walk each day with sweet assurance
And I'll safely reach my home

Ahead there's joy and gladness
And rest for the weary soul
Ahead there's peace and contentment
Everybody will be happy and whole
I'll be at home with Jesus
Where tears will never be shed
Though often this road gets rough and rocky
Still I know what lies ahead

While on this road I get so weary
And often my feet would stray
But a gentle hand still leads me onward
And helps me find the way
As I climb each hill and cross each valley
By His hand I'm daily lead
But I won't look back gonna keep on walking
For I know what lies ahead


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