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Song:If I Die
Album:17th Avenue RevivalGenres:Country
Year:2018 Length:221 sec


If I die a drinking I won’t feel much pain
Cause what we’ve all got demons that drive us all insane
I’ll die just like my daddy with a bottle in my hand
So If I die a drinkin’ that’s just who I am

If I die a cheatin’ at the arms of anothers girl
In a fit of rage and jealousy he takes me from this world
I can’t say I’d blame him I’d probably do the same
And If I die a cheatin’ I’ll deal with the shame

If I die a singin’ some old lonesome song
We’re all drawn to heartache when someones done you wrong
The last song I’ll be playing when the Saints Go Marching In
If I die a signin’ my song will never end

If I die a prayin’ to Jesus on my knees
Everyone I’ve ever loved will be waiting there for me
The church can have my body the lord he owns my soul
So if I die a prayin’ I ain’t afraid to go
If I die a prayin’ I ain’t afraid to go


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