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Midnight Oil - The Dead Heart (12
Song:The Dead Heart (12'') 3 ~ Coloured Stone - This Land
Album:OZburn - 1986Genres: 
Year:1986 Length:293 sec


We Don't Serve Your Country
don't Serve Your King
know Your Custom Don't Speak Your Tongue
white Man Came Took Everyone

we Don't Server Your Country
don't Serve Your King
white Man Listen To The Songs We Sing
white Man Came Took Everything

we Carry In Our Hearts The True Country
and That Cannot Be Stolen
we Follow In The Steps Of Our Ancestry
and That Cannot Be Broken

we Don't Need Protection
don't Need Your Land
keep Your Promise On Where We Stand
we Will Listen We'll Understand

mining Companies, Pastoral Companies
uranium Companies
collected Companies
got More Right Than People
got More Say Than People
forty Thousand Years Can Make A Difference To The State Of Things
the Dead Heart Lives Here


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