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17 - Robin Beck - The first time Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Robin Beck - The first time
Year:2004 Length:194 sec


First Time First Love Oh What Feeling Is This
electricity Flows With The Very First Kiss
like A Break In The Clouds And The First Ray Of Sun
i Can Feel It Inside Something New Has Begun

and It's Taking Control Of My Body And Mind
it Begins When I Heard I Love You
for The Very First Time

this Life This Love Oh What Sweetness I Feel
so Mysterious Yet So Incredible Real

it's An Uncharted Sea It's An Unopend Door
but Ya Got To Reach And Ya Gotta Explore

even Thought You're Not Sure
till The Moment Arrives
the He Is And You Know
you're In Love
for The Very First Time

and Baby When I Met You
every Feeling I Had Was New
i Don't Think There Are Words To
describe The Sensations, Oh No No No

and When Something's Happens
that Words Can't Define
only Then Do You Know You're In Love
for The Very First Time


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