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Song:Overkill - Elimination
Album:The Years of DecayGenres:Rock
Year:1989 Length:276 sec


Terminal, What Disease
told Me Too Late
what's This Cough And Wheeze
fatal, You're Shittin' Me
a Second Opinion
is What I Need
laughin' In A Windstorm
blowin' All The Cornstalks Down
cryin' In A Funeral Home
forward My Mail, Six Feet Underground

elimination (X4)

contagious, Say Why Not
not Just Me
waitin' To Rot
painful, Yeah I Know
when I Had To Go
i'm Yankin' On My Plug
and I Can't Seem To Get It Loose
pullin' All The Stops
your Ideals Change.when You Got
nothing To Loose.

chorus Ii
elimination (X4)
eliminate The Right
eliminate The Wrong
eliminate The Weak
eliminate The Strong
eliminate Your Feelings
eliminate Too Late
eliminate The Hope
eliminate, Eliminate

if I Had Just One More Day
i'd Turn It All Around
i'd Make A Play Of Good,clean Livin'
and Dig Me Out Of The Ground
and If I Had Just One More Day
i'd Say It To Your Face
pull The Plug On Everyone
eliminate This Race.
we Want To Cure
and We Want It Now.
reissue Hope
we Don't Eare How
you're Makin' A Mess
diseasin' A Nation
runaway Train To Elimination

hopeless There's No Doubt
set On A Slow Burn
from The Inside Out
carefully Say What For
last One Out
closes The Coffin Door
spendin' All You Saved
and Wishin' For A Little More
if I'm Lookin' At The Ceilin'
then I Must Be Layin' On The Floor.

chorus I
terminal, What Disease
told Me Too Late
what's This Cough And Wheeze're Shittin' Me
a Second Opinion
there's Gotta Be
laughin' At The Epidemic
something Is Going Around
crying At The Epidemic
pullin' On Nails, Six Feet Underground.

chorus Ii (Twice


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