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ASSOCIATION - The Time It Is Today Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:The Time It Is Today
Album:Arnold 4 Scottish Dances & Symphony No. 3Genres:Classical
Year:1968 Length:138 sec


Sunrise Sunset
what You're Born With Is What You Get
let Your Fear Just Pass Away Then Your Love Will Fill Your Days
i Know
i Need So Little Yet So Much
child's Sweet Laughter Woman's Touch
i Can't Say Just What Is Real All I Know Is What I Feel
i Know
the Time It Is Today And We Must Find Our Way
my Heart It Clearly States The Answer's Not In Hate
i Once Believed That Love Was But A Dream
but Now I Know That Love's A Flowing Stream
they're Lying Killing They're Pushing Their Rules
they Tell You The Prophets All Are Just Fools
but I Know Different And I Won't Be Used
it's They That Are Lost It's They Are Confused
sunrise Sunset
what You're Born With Is What You Get
all Your Worries All Your Fears
they Don't Change The Passing Years
i Know


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