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083 quiero ser libre monkes - 083 quiero ser libre monkes Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:083 quiero ser libre monkes
Album:The Very Best of the MonkeesGenres:Blues
Year:2006 Length:143 sec


I Wanna Be Free,
like The Bluebirds Flying By Me
like The Waves Out On The Blue Sea.
if Your Love Has To Tie Me, Don't Try Me,
say Good-Bye.

i Wanna Be Free,
don't Say You Love Me Say You Like Me,
but When I Need You Beside Me,
stay Close Enough To Guide Me, Confide In Me,

i Wanna Hold Yur Hand,
walk Along The Sadn
laughing In The Sun,
always Having Fun
doing All Those Things
without Any Strings
to Tie Me Down.

i Wanna Be Free,
like The Warm September Wind, Babe,
say You'll Always Be My Friend, Babe.
we Can Make It To The End, Babe,
again, Babe, I Gotta Say
i Wanna Be Free
i Wanna Be Free
i Wanna Be Free


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