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RAINBOW - Rainbow / Since You
Song:Rainbow / Since You've Been Gone
Album:Fetenhits - Rock Classics (CD 2)Genres:Pop
Year:1998 Length:195 sec


verse 1
i Get The Same Old Dream, Same Time Every Night
fall To The Ground And I Wake Up
so I Get Out Of Bed, Put On My Shoes, And In My Head
- Thoughts Fly Back To The Break-Up

these Four Walls Are Closing In
look At The Fix You've Put Me In!!

since You've Been Gone, Since You've Been Gone
i'm Outta My Head, Can't Take It
could I Be Wrong, But Since You've Been Gone
you Cast The Spell, So Break It
oooohhh - Whhooooaaa - Ooooohhh
since You've Been Gone

verse 2
so In The Night I Stand Beneath The Backstreet Light
i Read The Words That You Sent To Me
i Can Take The Afternoon, The Night-Time Comes Around Too Soon
- You Can't Know What You Mean To Me

your Poison Letter, Your Telegram
just Goes To Show You Don't Give A Damn

repeat Chorus

if You Will Come Back
baby You Know
you'll Never Do Wrong

repeat Chorus 2x
guitar Solo Outro


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