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BREAKING BENJAMIN - 11 Defeated Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:11 Defeated
Album:Dark Before DawnGenres:Alternative & Punk
Year:2015 Length:205 sec


[verse 1]
i Try To Face The Fight Within
but It's Over
i Wait For The Right To Begin
and Surrender
i Walk The Path That Led Me To The End
i'm Caught Beneath With Nothing Left To Give

when Angels Fall With Broken Wings
i Can't Give Up
i Can't Give In
when All Is Lost And Daylight Ends
i'll Carry You
and We Will Live, Forever

[verse 2]
grey Skies Will Chase The Light Away
no Longer
i Fought The Light Now Only Dark Remains
divided I Will Stand
and I Will Let This End


the Sun Begins To Rise
and Wash Away The Sky
the Turning Of The Tide
don't Live It All Behind
and I Will Never Say Goodbye


forever, Forever


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