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Song:Busta Rhymes - Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See (1997)
Album:When Disaster Strikes…Genres: 
Year: Length:195 sec


It Must Be Your Skin I'm Sinkin' In
it Must Be For Real, 'cause Now I Can Feel
and I Didn't Mind; It's Not My Kind
it's Not My Time, To Wonder Why

everything Gone White, Everything's Gray
now You're Here, Now You're Away
i Don't Want This; Remember That
i'll Never Forget, Where You're At

don't Let The Days Go By
glycerine; Glycerine

i'm Never Alone; I'm Alone All The Time
are You At One, Or Do You Lie
we Live In A Wheel, Where Everyone Steals
but When We Rise, It's Like Strawberry Fields

if I Treated You Bad, You'd Bruise My Face
couldn't Love You More; You've Got A Beautiful Taste

don't Let The Days Go By; Could Have Been Easier On You
i Couldn't Change, Though I Wanted To
should Have Been Easier By Three
our Old Friend; Fear, And You, And Me

glycerine, Glycerine
don't Let The Days Go By, Glycerine
don't Let The Days Go By
ah, Ah-Ah-Ah, Ah-Ah-Ah-Ah-Ah-Ah

glycerine, Glycerine
oh, Glycerine, Glycerine

bad Moon Whine Again
bad Moon Whine Again
as She Falls Around Me

i Needed You More, We Wanted Us Less
could Not Kiss, Just Regress
it Might Just Be Clear, Simple, And Plain
well That's Just Fine; That's Just One Of My Names

don't Let The Days Go By
could've Been Easier On You, You, You
glycerine, Glycerine
glycerine, Glycerine


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