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Joe Walsh - Track 4 Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Track 4
Album:Unknown album (21/10/2017 20:54:59)Genres:Rock
Year:2001 Length:284 sec


I Have A Mansion, Forget The Price.
ain't Never Been There They Tell Me It's Nice.
i Live In Hotels, Tear Out The Walls.
i Have Accountants Pay For It All.
they Say I'm Crazy, But I Have A Good Time.
i'm Just Looking For Clues At The Scene Of The Crime.
life's Been Good To Me So Far.
my Masarati Does One-Eighty-Five.
i Lost My License, Now I Don't Drive.
i Have A Limo, Ride In The Back.
i Lock The Doors In Case I'm Attacked.
i'm Makin' Records, My Fans They Can't Wait.
they Write Me Letters, Tell Me I'm Great.
so I Got Me An Office, Gold Records On The Wall.
just Leave A Message, Maybe I'll Call.
lucky I'm Sane After All I've Been Through.
(Everybody Say I'm Cool......he's Cool)
i Can't Complain But Sometimes I Still Do.
life's Been Good To Me So Far
(One Really Fantastic Guitar Solo That Radio Idiots Too Often Cut Up)
i Go To Parties, Sometimes Until 4.
i'ts Hard To Leave When You Can't Find The Door.
it's Tought To Handle This Fortune And Fame.
everybody's So Different, I Haven't Changed.
they Say I'm Lazy But It Takes All My Time
(Everybody Say Oh, Yeah.....oh,yeah)
i Keep On Going Guess I'll Never Know Why.
life's Been Good To Me So Far. (Yeah,yeah,yeah)
[really Long Fade With Much More Than The Rdio Allows Also]


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