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NOTORIOUS B.I.G. - Notorius feat. Puff Daddy Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Notorius feat. Puff Daddy
Album:Greatest HitsGenres: 
Year: Length:191 sec


(Notorious B.i.g.)
yo, Check It
call Lil' Cease
tell That Muh'fucker To Bring Me Some Muh'fuckin' Weed For This Hospital
man Fuck That
tell That Reporter To Go Pick Up Ten Thousand From Dez
and Go Take About Like Twenty G's From Gino
tell That Muh'fucker Get This Nigga Next Door Up Out Of Here
nigga Be Snorin All Night I Can't Sleep (Hehe)
call That Big Butt Nurse With The Long Hair To Come Suck My Dick
(Bad Boy Big, C'mon)

the Doctor Said I Need About Three Weeks Of Recovery
but The Nurses Is Lovin' Me
sayin' The Best Part Of The Day Is My Half
feedin Me Breakfast, And Givin' Me A Sponge Bath
niggaz Say I Died Dead In The Streets
nigga I'm Gettin' High, Gettin' Head On The Beach
chillin', Sittin' On About Half A Million
with All My Niggaz, All My Guns, All My Women
next Two Years, I Should See About A Billion
all For The Love Of Drug Dealin'
got No Love For The Other Side, Fuck Them Tricks (Fuck Them)
any Repercussion, Junior M.a.f.i.a. Spit Clips (That's Right)
all The Time, Big Poppa Kick The War Rhymes
raw Flows, And That's How It Goes

(Puff Daddy)


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