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Supergrass - Caught By The Fuzz (2013_11_21 07_09_09 UTC) (2013_12_13 19_06_58 UTC) (2013_12_20 11_51_14 UTC) Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Caught By The Fuzz (2013_11_21 07_09_09 UTC) (2013_12_13 19_06_58 UTC) (2013_12_20 11_51_14 UTC)
Album:I Should CocoGenres:Rock
Year:1995 Length:137 sec


Caught by the fuzz
Well I was still on a buzz
In the back of the van
With my head in my hands
Just like a bad dream
I was only fifteen

If only my brother could be here now
He'd get me out and sort me out alright
I knew I should have stayed at home tonight

Locked in a cell
Feeling un-well
I talked to a man
He said, 'It's better to tell,
Who sold you the blow?'
'Well it was no one I know.'

If only you'd tell us, we'd let you go
We'll make it hard for you my son, so tell us what you know
We'll make you wish you'd stayed at home tonight

(Ooh wah ooh wah ooh)
(Ooh wah ooh wah ooh)

Here comes my mum
Well she, she knows what I've done
'Just tell 'em the truth.
You know where it's from.
You've blackened our name.
Well you, you should be ashamed.'

'If only your father could see you now.
He'd break down and he'd throw you out for sure.
I never should have let you out tonight.'

(Tonight, tonight)
(Tonight, tonight)
(Tonight, tonight)
(Tonight, tonight)
(Tonight, tonight)
(Tonight, tonight)
(Tonight, tonight)


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