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Oomph! - Ice-Coffin [remix] Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Ice-Coffin [remix]
Album:1991-1996 The Early WorksGenres:General Rock
Year:2006 Length:350 sec


I can't believe that you still wanna stay
'cause I know that i've fucked up your life
you better leave I could hurt you today
and you know I could cut like a knife
you better stop to believe in my heart
even though you can probably heal
'cause if you'd look at the shape of this part
you would see i'm unable to feel

you better believe me
you better believe me
don't you love me!
don't you save me!
you better leave me alone here in my ice-coffin
don't you love me!
cold cold cold cold

I can't believe that you want me to pray
though you know that i'm fucked up inside
you better leave I could kill you today
'cause I know i'm a thorn in your side
you better stop to believe in my soul
even though you just want me to feel
'cause if you'd look in the black of this hole
you would see that there's nothing to heal


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