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Gipsy Kings - Samba Samba Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Samba Samba
Album:Savor FlamencoGenres:Pop
Year:2013 Length:191 sec


Just nuts
Stop!what you doin' guz!wanna sing
Goofy yet bonkers my bell doesn't ring
I lost my marbles screwball ding-a-ling
My room's now rubber it don't mean a thing


Stop look out! now don't say a word
Miss cute looney-tooney- shi blew off my biod
Steamy and creamy her bagfull of tricks
The semen demon she swallows her licks

Divne and dizzy that's me
Don't judge the others how others judge me
Sure,i'm bent my true colors shine
Wacky by nature funny valentine
I'm really silly be hot dr chilly
Don't call me willy or billy i'm bob
I'll sing the rhumba and dance la bamba
For my next numba i turn into the samba
I wanna fly and shine like the stars
Say hi to venus have a gas into mars
Then i'll be famous land on uranus
And study judo from rluto it's free
To seek out humor some lunar tooner
This coo coo crooner there's no one like me
My story's over harebrains move over
I'm nuts zany daffy nuts


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