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Dizzee Rascal - Something Really Bad (feat. Will.I.Am) Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Something Really Bad (feat. Will.I.Am)
Album:Top100 Neueinsteiger vom 14.10.2013Genres:Hip-Hop
Year:2013 Length:261 sec


(Verse 1: Dizzee Rascal)
Yo, I had a hell of a night
I was out of my mind
Turned up I was high as a kite
A jolly fellow
I was showing my bright whites
And getting trippy under the strobe lights
I'm loving the nightlife
And getting jiggy keeping the vibe right
Setting my mind alight
Getting the party hype
Pretty little thing in my eyesight
She's my type
Something's telling me
She ain't uptight
She's giving me the eyes like
What are you waiting for
I'm looking at her back like
Cool say no more
I save my jaw but I ain't playing
Are you fucking yeah?
I'm saying it raw
She didn't take no offence
I was straight in the door
I guess I hit her with an offer
That she couldn't ignore
It all happened so fast
Like I met her before
But I was so damn high
How could I be sure
Now we're in my hotel room taking a tour

(Hook: Ke$ha/Will.I.Am)
Let's get into something really bad
Love me baby love me love me bad
I love it when the good girls act so bad
I love it when the bad girls do it like that
Let's get into something really bad
Love me baby love me love me bad
I love it when the good girls act so bad
I love it when the bad girls do it, do it, like, like that

Get freaky, let's get freaky
Get freaky, let's get freaky

(Verse 2: Dizzee Rascal)
Now it's totally on
Pour a couple more drinks
Put some Jodeci on
Put a towel under the door
And put the privacy on
We're stinking up the whole place
The weed's overly strong
We should be getting undressed
Now take off your thong
I'll help you with your bra strap
And then I hit you with the long and the strong
And you can make as much noise
Till your vocals are gone
It feels right 'cause it's totally wrong
But we're just living the good life
Like everyone should, right?
I'm giving her good pipe
We're having a good night
I'm pretty sure one day
She'll be a good wife
And that's a good luck
But it's not in my foresight
But that don't matter now
We're gonna fuck till the sunlight
I hit her from the back
Now I'm gripping the bumper tight
Whole lot of banging
I ain't bragging
You would think it's a gunfight
I'm happy that you've come
Now give me the light

(Verse 3: Dizzee Rascal)
Yo I come clean
You can swallow you ain't gotta spit
And you ain't gotta go home
But I gotta split
And if it's all the same
I'm really glad you came
You kept me entertained
I weren't doin' shit
I got a couple things
That I gotta do today
But I'm great and I'm really glad
I woke up with you today
I probably said a couple things
I don't usually say
And I know you're not a ho
You don't usually play
You would never just leave
You would usually stay
Never had a one night stand
That's okay
Ain't got to explain
Nothing wrong with sharing long
It's just an exchange


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