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09. Bonfire - Champion (live) 1987 (Remaster 2009) Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Champion (live) 1987 (Remaster 2009)
Year:1988 Length:317 sec

Lyricist: 09. Bonfire


CHAMIPONI gotta tell you a storyabout a man who split the nightnow he's comin' back to win the fight - alrightSome people hate himbut a winner never quitswhen he's rollin' he's a one man blitz - look outHigh explosive - like a keg of dynamitehis voice is roaring through the nightCHORUSHere I stand - on my feet againDon't you know that I'm a championHere I go - so come on Rock'n'RollI'm gonna show you once againI'm a championPeople say he's crazyand he's up around the bendthat's what it takes to be championno guts - no glory alwaysshoot your hottest shotyou gotta strike it while you're hot - red hotOne of a kind - that the world has never seenstill movin' like he's seventeenCHORUS

Bonfire Champion


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