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Song:Stop For A Minute
Album:Ten on One (The Singles)Genres:Rock
Year:1987 Length:249 sec


I will try
I will try
not to lose my own
If you cry
That secret down

Open up your eyes again
Even you can try
Don´t you think
you toil in vain
What have you come to be, to be now?

Stop for a minute
You better change
your heart in time
Stop for a minute
You can believe that part of mine
I´ll be protectin you
From what you run into
If you will hold on
Stop for a minute

I rely
I rely on my chance to know
You and I
Could feel as once

Open up and start again
An´ take a look around
Don´t you see what I have meant
What have you come to be, to be now?

Stop for a Minute...

And what is left to you
Where are you goin´ to
That sorrow in your life
What did you come to be now?

Stop for a minute...


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