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Overkill - THE ANSWER Lyrics - Zortam Music
Album:Fuck You and Then Some / Feel the FireGenres:Thrash/Speed Metal
Year: Length:527 sec


As I look into the cave
The fog doth fill my eyes
Inside lies the answer
A cause for my demise

Blinding light appearing
The beast in silhouette
Roaring growl of thunder
The end not over yet

Terror fill my spirit
I swear I'll never rest
I feel my pulse to quicken
My heart beats through my chest
Standing there before me
A sight seen by few men
The sweat is pouring on me
His eyes remember me

One, two, three, four

Liar, cheater
Help me make a stand
True, if this take you over
Come the power they demand

Pain, disaster
This thing and persecution
Light the light, show me the way
Where lies a solution

Reaching to the grave
Beyond the story tells of fame
This formed into a curse
Revelation once we won aim

Father, help me
For faith is growing thin
Untie another scourge
Being born into a sin
No, no, no

Holy Father, help me
Take me into white
Break me of this spell
Which stands between eternal life
Eternal fire, we are one
Happiness is none
Our death becomes the Devil

And I'm the Devil's son


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