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Song:It's What Ya Don't Say
Album:BOB WELCHGenres:Rock
Year:2014 Length:166 sec



God, it's cold here in your arms
Your silence is so loud
We'll make some talk to cover up
But you can't drowned it out

It's what you don't say
When you hold me tight
It's what you don't say
When you can't stay the night
It's what you leave out
That I'm talkin' about
When you hold me deep inside
Your eyes don't even close
You fake a smile, you kill the lights
Do you think it doesn't show

(Repeat Chorus)
Oh it's what you don't say
Remember how it used to be
You would love me all night long
But if you can't work out your love for me
Baby, at ieast admit it's gone

(Repeat Chorus twice)
It's what you don't say
It it it it it it it's what you don't say


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