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The Motels - Tragic Surf Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Tragic Surf
Album:All Four OneGenres:Blues
Year:1982 Length:210 sec


I'd never seen such a night
The air was still
The moon was bright

The shore glistened
As Johnny and I listened
To the waves as they crashed on the rocks

Who would have thought
Who would have known
That night I'd leave
The beach alone

He talked of that wave
As though it were alive
It was him against it
Only one would survive

I sat on the shore
Johnny grabbed his board
My senses were numbed
By the ocean's deadly roar

I held my breath
As she started too swell
That demon wave
Straight from hell

Oh what a sight
What a sweet ride that night
As he sailed across her crest

Silhouette in the moonlight
He stood strong and tall
For a second forever
He had it all

Then she crashed down
I saw his board split in half
Johnny disappeared from sight
But I can still hear his laugh

Ah ha ha ha ...


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