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Fee Waybill - Caribbean Sunsets Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Caribbean Sunsets
Album:Read My LipsGenres:Blues
Year: Length:285 sec


Hearts that were lost
Paths that never had crossed
Lonely but free
Wandering aimlessly
Two separate lives
Colliding like clouds in the sky

Cautious at first
Afraid of repeating the hurt
Parts that were torn
Drawn like the surf to the shore
Helpless to run
Stronger than rays of the sun

I will return
I can't forget Caribbean sunsets
I will return
Then to retrace the footprints we made
As the tide was getting low
Hoping we'd never go home

Drifting in dreams
Through islands lost in the stream
Waking to find
Only the memories of mine
Counting the days
Waiting for something to take me away

I will return


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