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The Motels - People, Places and Things Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:People, Places and Things
Album:CarefulGenres:Post Modern
Year:1980 Length:159 sec


Lonely that night he took a walk
He was looking real tough
He learned how to talk
From the right people
From the right people

And strolling down by the magazine stand
You know Lucy looks good
She holds out her hand
Ah, he's the right people
He's the right people

Checking his reflection in a Chevrolet
He ponders if Lucy might go all the way
Sure she would
Now he's too good
Ah, he's the right people
He's the right people

So takin' Lucy by the hand
They step behind the magazine stand
Ah, it's the right place
It's the right place

So touchin' her low
And holdin' her tight
They start making love
Right there in the street
Ah, it's the right thing
It's the right thing


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