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the Jayhawks - That
Song:That's The Bag I'm In
Album:The Golden Age Of American Rock 'n' Roll, Volume 5Genres:Country
Year:1956 Length:172 sec

Lyricist: The Jayhawks


1 crashed in the jungle
While lrying In keep a date
Witi my little gin
Who was back in the states
1 was slranded in the jungle
Afraid and alone
Trying to figure a way
To get a message back horns
But how was 1 to know that
The wreckage of my plane
Had been picked up and spotted
My gin in lovers ans
Meanwhile, back in the states
Baby, baby
Let‘s make romance
‘tour old tirne lover
Hasn‘t got a chance
Hes slranded in the jungle
Sad as he can be
So corne on, pretty baby
Just you and me
Meanwhile, back in the jungle


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