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Aaliyah - Aaliyah (2003) - I Care 4 You Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Aaliyah (2003) - I Care 4 You
Year:2001 Length:274 sec


Now I lay me down to sleep
I pray my Lord my soul to keep
If I should die before I wake
I pray my Lord my soul to take

You'll be saying Daddy to me
But please don't hurt me
This is my first experience, cause this players been
Make it feel alright, don't worry baby

Don't be afraid (2x)
Don't be afraid, baby
Don't be afraid (2x)
Don't be afraid, girl

When I lay you down tonight
Ask me to hold you tight
Everything will be alright
Don't be afraid, baby
When you start to spread some home
And your parts are gone, gone
Let it happen right now
Don't be afraid, girl

Now I have you all to myself
To put the other guys all on the shelf
No need to run and no need to hide
All the doors are locked baby and I have you inside
You get down and you can hear me
It just makes me horny
Ain't nothing but a love thing baby
Between me and you
So just give in baby, don't worry about a thing

Don't be afraid (3x)
Don't be afraid, baby

When I get through with you
Ain't nobody else that you will want to go to
I put all men to shame
Remember babe, this is a nasty man's game

Don't be afraid (3x)
Don't be afraid, baby

Deep down, feel so lucky to have you in my house
But now its time to go baby, need for it large
Go to see my baby and settle things, alright
Rest your head into my chest
I know it feels real good
Do me baby, don't need to be afraid
The lights are off and I open the sheets
So kiss me baby, I say it's on one more time
For the wrong man, I'm right again
Give me the center baby don't be afraid

Don't be a (2x)
Don't be afraid


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