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NYLONS - Perpetual Emotion Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Perpetual Emotion
Year:1986 Length:218 sec


Emotion, perpetual emotion
Emotion, perpetual emotion (repeat)

Oo, you got me going
I can't stop, i
Climb the highest mountain
To the top, i
Go through fire for you
Swim the ocean
Wild with this blind devotion

Mama say, mama say, there'll be days
You gonna meet someone and somehow they
Are gonna take your heart and sail away
Set you in motion

Emotion, perpetual emotion (repeat)
Oo you do what you do, you do
Some kind of voodoo you
Call my name out low
And I come runnin' to you, you
Pull a string and set your puppet in motion
Love is the drug in your potion

So my love, I ask you to be kind
Though love is blind, my love
Don't leave my love behind
These things you do, my love
You know they put me through
So please be true, my love
And I'll be true to you

I have lived and loved and
I have learned that
Love can be so hot that
Love can burn, you
Give your love and love is not returned
It's gonna fill you up with crazy emotion


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