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Song:I'm Caught Between Goodbye And I Love You [B-Side 4.05]
Album:cd2 japanese single boxGenres: 
Year: Length:245 sec


'(I'm Caught Between) Goodbye And I Love You'

I have something to tell you
and I know it won't be easy
I've been thinking these past few days
it might be time to leave
You're like a stranger
then you're a lover
Never the same, always hard to believe

I'm caught between goodbye and I love you
Never knowing quite where I stand
I'm caught between goodbye and I love you
Falling both ways, nowhere to land

So constantly stranded
I can't understand it
This troubled life you've handed me
Is like the devil and the deep blue sea

If we go on much longer
If my doubts grow any stronger
Then I may have to let you go
If only to survive
Give me a reason, why should I stay here
I've tried too hard just to keep love alive


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