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Ace of Base - Dancer in a Daydream Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Dancer in a Daydream
Year:1993 Length:219 sec

Lyricist: Ace of Base


what an odd situation
what you got is basic emotions
can you feel them
i want to be your lover
but you're so shy
what you need is perfect assistance
let me guide you
to a land you've never seen before
i guess you see
i have another daydream
i guess you see
that i have another daydream
come and be a dancer
dance into my daydream
join me in my daydream wet and wild
come and be a dancer
dance into my daydream
join me in my jungle wet and wild
to help another person
will make you feel important
you got my invitation
but you're so shy
come and let your wild side show
and be a dancer
a dancer in a daydream we can share
i guess you see...
help me take control
of my full imagination
i'm looking for a man
who will watch my situation
i'm thinking about the people
waiting down the line
i am the limelight now's my time
i guess you see...
what you gonna do i'm a bold explosion


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